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Tips on Searching this Site

The search engine searches for words and phrases that occur in the pages of this site only. It searches web pages and PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents. It does not search the library catalogue, which must be searched from the catalogue search page. If you want to order a particular publication produced by Combat Poverty, go to our publications catalogue, where you can download free and out of print titles and order publications online.

The search engine is not case-sensitive: it does not distinguish between UPPER and lower case letters.

This is a small site and can be searched most effectively with a few well-chosen keywords. For best results, use a small number of relevant terms or phrases.

If your search returns no results:

  • Check that you have spelled the search term correctly (this accounts for the majority of failed searches on this site)
  • If one term doesn't return any results, try using different one with a similar meaning
  • Don't type the title of your essay into the search box! Think about what the subject of the essay is and select a number of terms to search for
  • Use the Site Map to get an overview of the site and check that it contains the type of information you are looking for
  • Use the Links pages to find more web resources in the area of poverty and social inclusion.

Too few relevant results:

  • Broaden your search by trying different but related terms, eg if searching for unemployment, try also employment or jobs
  • Check that the term you used is in current usage in an Irish social policy context, eg use "older people" rather than elderly.

Too many irrelevant results:

  • Remember that poverty appears on every page on this site - narrow your search by adding another term, eg poverty and health
  • If you are searching for a particular phrase, using quotation marks, eg "National Anti Poverty Strategy", will ensure that the phrase is searched for, rather than the words it contains. Not using quotation marks around the phrase will return every occurrence of national and anti and poverty and strategy throughout the site and will make it more difficult for you to find the relevant information.

For further information and assistance with web searching, visit the Google Search Help Center.


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